Guys! Here are a few tips to best select your tshirts shopping online…

A t-shirt teamed with a jean – could be the best & the most comfy outfit for any guy. Moreover, the cool t-shirts he wears depicts his personality & character. So, he’s got to take great care while selecting his tees online since the styles & fashion keeps changing day by day. So, he has to make the most out of the money he spends for these custom t-shirts. Here are a few tips that a guy should concentrate when shopping online for t shirts:

Color complexion

The first & foremost factor to be considered is your skin tone. If you are a guy with a fair complexion, then the color of the t shirt is not a big matter because any shade will suit you. But, a person a dark complexion has to take great care in selecting his outfit. You have to select lighter shades of apparels that would best suit you. You can determine the color that suits you only if you have experimented it with the clothes you have worn so far.


If you are a person short, then a t-shirt with a vertical patterns or designs would suit you since it makes you look taller. And if you are a tall person, it would be the other way round.


A guy whose is fat should go for a custom tee that is designed with a big print since only you could add the beauty to the design making it clear & clean. But if you are thinner, make sure you choose tees with small prints that would look good on you.


If you’ve got a round face, you could go for V neck tees, but if you’ve got an elongated face, the round neck t shirts suit you the best.


A t shirt with a solid color like black or white would look classic and can be easily matched with the other apparels of your wardrobe. Therefore, you can choose a t-shirt of a solid color if you are a person of a limited budget.

Therefore, a guy should take great care while selecting his apparels, since they reflect his personality, style & character. provides a catalog for all men with stylish, unique and trendy t-shirts to suit all men with different color complexions, body shape & structure. They’ve got the widest variety of apparels for men which includes round neck t shirts, V neck tees, custom t-shirts, full sleeve t shirts, half sleeve tees, jackets, vests & briefs, boxers, sleeveless t-shirts, pants & shorts and many more.

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