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“Indian Army officer shot dead in Kashmir”, something which we hear very often and do nothing about it. I still remember how last year when there was a terrorist attack in Paris, many of my friends on Facebook changed their display picture to fight against the terrorism but do you know these terrorist attack, cross border ceasefire are happening every day near India Pakistan border which has killed thousands of our soldiers.

In support for our soldiers, Akshay Kumar, the comedy king of Bollywood has taken an initiative, Bharat Ke Veer, a platform where everyone can come forward and donate money which will be credited to the account of ‘Next of Kin’ of those Central Armed Police Force/Central Para Military Force soldiers. Recently, he was honored with the Best Actor award for his performance in Rustom at the National Film Awards. And he’s famous for expressing his discontent and suggesting solutions for the issues that plague our society through short videos that he posts on social media.

Akshay has won our hearts and our respect, all over again.

To support this we have decided to donate Rs.30 for every sale we get from our website to contribute to this noble cause and support our Indian army.

We will be running this campaign through out October and will try to contribute as much as we can to Bharat Ke Veer. Our little contribution can bring a smile to a mother’s face who has lost his son in the battle to protect our nation.

Jai Hind !!

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